International kindergarten Little Sparrows Belgrade

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Welcome to
Little Sparrows Kindergarten

Home to a remarkably comprehensive preschool education, exceptional tutors, and an unrivaled set of classes and activities.

Our Age Groups


1-3 years old

EY 1 and EY 2

3-4 years old and 4-5 years old

EY 3

5-6 years old


What makes us the right choice

We have all crucial activities for your child’s development in one place.

An outstanding 7:1 pupil-teacher ratio.

Language-oriented programs led by native speakers. Uniquely fun educational activities. Experienced, dedicated, and renowned tutors. A perfectly balanced and healthy diet. A safe and stimulative environment


Unequaled Tutors

Your child deserves the best possible care and education. Our team consists of experienced pedagogy specialists, and world-renowned artists and athletes.


Regular Checkups

To help your kid grow up in perfect health, we organize regular dental and medical checkups. We also provide accident insurance for your child, free of extra charge.


Supreme Location

We are conveniently located in two beautiful villas in a peaceful part of Vračar. Our secure facilities enable your kid to spend time outside each day, if the weather allows it. 


Native Speaker Teachers

There is no better way for kids to quickly master a new language than to learn it from a native speaker.


Flexible Hours

We hope our parent-friendly hours will make your life easier. We open at 8:00 and close at 17:30. When you need it, we can arrange an extended or overnight stay. 


Small Groups

Our outstanding 7:1 pupil-teacher ratio ensures each kid gets all the needed attention and dedication. 

Little Sparrows Nursery

If your child is under three years old, our nursery is the perfect place to help them start exploring the world. Right from the start, the kids start absorbing a foreign language (or their native one) from our attentive and experienced native speaking staff. We help our youngest sparrows learn basic life skills through a variety of fun activities. The children are under constant supervision while they play, socialize, and learn.

What Parents Say About Us