Give your kid a head start in life. Set up a visit today:
Give your kid a head start in life. Set up a visit today:
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The best care
for your little one

Our international nursery provides a perfectly safe and caring environment for your child to start exploring the world.

What parents say about
Little Sparrows

We give parents  peace of mind

Naturally, you want nothing but the most outstanding care for your child when you’re not around. At Little Sparrows crèche, your little one will be given love and care from our dedicated specialists. Each of them is experienced and carefully vetted, passionate about helping your child take their first steps into the world.
To ensure each child gets full attention, at all times – our international nursery consists only of small groups. This means that we are able to pay more attention to the specific needs of your child. It also helps our top pedagogy experts to create an insightful monthly report that will help you keep track of your child’s progress.
Additionally, our chef prepares deliciously nutritious meals every day, adjusted for the kids’ age.

A safe  and secure environment

We pay extra attention to ensuring your child is perfectly safe and secure, from the moment you bring them to our Vračar, Belgrade crèche. All of our indoor and outdoor facilities have been carefully made child-proof. Our international nursery also provides complete privacy and security, due to our tall and solid fences, double security doors, and an advanced surveillance system.

Learning through play

Immersing your child in an international and multilingual environment from the early years helps them absorb information and languages easily – through play. Our first-class program is adjusted for your kid’s age, designed to help set strong foundations for their future education.
We have a variety of toys that stimulate your child’s curiosity. Also, we help kids adopt important habits such as properly using a spoon or a potty, or getting dressed.
little sparrows

Looking for a  Long-Term Solution?

After “graduating” from our nursery, your child can seamlessly transition to Little Sparrows kindergarten. They’ll keep going to the same caring environment, playing with the same friends – but will be enjoying a more dynamic educational program.

Why our nursery is the right choice

for all children aged 6 months to 2,5 years
Language adoption
Our experienced native-speaking staff helps your child effortlessly adopt a foreign language (or their native one), giving your child an early advantage in life.
Unequaled tutors
Your child deserves the best possible care and attention. Our team consists of experienced pedagogy specialists, and world-renowned artists and athletes.
Supreme location
We are conveniently located in a beautiful villa in a peaceful part of Vračar. Our secure facilities enable your kid to spend time outside each day if the weather allows it.
Flexible hours
We hope our parent- friendly hours will make your life easier. We open at 8:00 and close at 17:30. When you need it, we can arrange an extended or overnight stay.
Want to reserve a spot today?
Enrolling your child is simple and requires only two minutes of your time.

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Want to learn more?

Contact us if you’d like to schedule a tour or ask anything about our international nursery.
You can also call us at +381 61 614 0475 or +381 11 4062 837 email us at, or check out our social media profiles.
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