Give your kid a head start in life. Set up a visit today:
Give your kid a head start in life. Set up a visit today:
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Skills for the
21st century

At Little Sparrows, kids learn the languages of today and tomorrow, discover their talents and equip themselves for future success.


We focus on growth

Our comprehensive approach ensures your child achieves cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical development during the time spent at Little Sparrows kindergarten. We provide a diverse set of unique and fun activities led by expert tutors, including different languages, sports, and art.
Help your child
Help your child

Small groups and prominent tutors

There are several reasons why we can say that we offer best-in-class preschool education in Belgrade. What makes our kindergarten stand out the most is our exceptional pupil-teacher ratio of 7-1. It guarantees that each kid is given the attention and care they deserve.
Additionally, children at Little Sparrows embrace new languages from native-speaking teachers. This approach guarantees the kids learn new languages in the most natural and efficient way possible – which is why they leave our kindergarten with near-native knowledge* of the selected languages. (*for children of their age)
Apart from being fun, our educational activities stand out because of our distinguished tutors. We believe your kid deserves nothing but the best, which is why our tutors include proven pedagogy experts, along with the artists and athletes renowned locally and worldwide.
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Languages of tomorrow

English is undoubtedly the most dominant language in today’s world. It is the language of business, diplomacy, economy, technology, art, and sports. Being able to communicate and express in English on a native level will make your child feel at home everywhere.
It is the language of the world’s largest country and the most widely spoken Slavic language. As Russian economic and cultural influence remains strong in Europe, helping your child speak and understand Russian will prove to be a valuable asset for the future.
The language of some of the world’s most powerful economies and most respected European universities. Learning German will open a lot of possibilities when your kid is old enough to think about pursuing academic honors and applying for high-paid jobs.
In cooperation with the Confucius Institute in Belgrade, our kindergarten enables your child to learn a language that is quickly becoming one of the world’s most influential ones. Since Chinese is a complex language, it is important to get a head start and begin learning it early on.

We discover the potential

To spark children’s curiosity and courage in exploring the world and themselves, we base a big part of our educational program on art. We want to encourage our little sparrows to never stop learning, imagining, and expressing their ideas and emotions.
Ballet and dancing
Besides being a very popular activity among children, dancing helps them learn rhythmic movement and advance their motoric skills. Dancing builds confidence, focus, and self-discipline – and provides a valuable medium of expression. We have decided to offer classical ballet because it focuses on strengthening kids’ imagination, agility, and harmony of movement through play and storytelling. The form of ballet helps properly develop their bodies, giving them straight posture and stronger leg and arm muscles. The program is created and mentored by the principal dancer of the famous Ballet of the Shevchenko Theater in Kyiv, Konstantin Kostyukov – who based the class on the methods of the renowned ballet pedagogue Agrippina Vaganova from St. Petersburg. Tamara Ivanović, the principal dancer of the Ballet of the Serbian National Theater leads the class.
Musical education
Kids have a natural affinity towards music and rhythm. Music develops their cognitive abilities and helps them better understand and communicate their emotions and ideas. It also enhances their self-confidence, focus, and creativity. The goal is to enable the kids to learn about basic musical concepts in a fun and engaging way. Our pupils learn how to sing and play different musical instruments suited to their age. Your kid can also attend additional individual piano and singing classes. We have invited Oleg Kireyev, a world-famous saxophonist, to hold our music workshops. The Grammy-nominated jazz artist will introduce children to various musical instruments and help them fall in love with the creative side of rhythm and sound.
Acting classes are a perfect way to harness and channel the naturally powerful imaginative side of children. The class is designed to help our little sparrows nurture their curiosity and creativity, build confidence and socialize. By putting themselves in various “pretend” roles and situations, kids learn empathy and get to understand their own emotions on a deeper level. A well-known young actor who graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts of the University of Belgrade, Đorđe Kreća, leads our acting lessons.
*Painting and pottery work
We also offer painting and pottery work classes, held separately as a part of the additional offer of our kindergarten. Both classes are led by expert tutors who help our pupils create their very first masterpieces. Both painting and pottery work lessons focus on enhancing kids’ creativity and self-confidence. Even though all children love painting and pottery work, the classes are especially important to those who prefer to express their emotions and ideas nonverbally.

We create the habit of achieving

Kids need to be active to achieve proper physical and mental development. In addition to daily walks and calisthenics, we use sports to help kids establish the habit of regular physical exercise, which helps them become more focused and disciplined.
Children adore our karate classes primarily because they have so much fun during each lesson. But, aside from being fun, karate helps improve their speed, coordination, precision, balance, flexibility, and strength. Not to mention patience and determination.
Most importantly, karate helps create a foundation for the champion mindset. It builds ambition but pairs it with the understanding that achieving results only come to those who work hard. The fact that talent is nothing without perseverance is one of the crucial life lessons, and our pupils get to realize it early in life.
Our karate lessons are devised by the Gendarmerie karate club – the official karate club of Serbia’s police gendarmerie section and one of the most awarded clubs in the country. Training sessions are sometimes also held by the members of Serbia’s national karate team and by the students of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of the Belgrade University, who all have extensive experience in working with children.
Swimming is one of the best physical activities for children of preschool age because it focuses on all muscular groups that are crucial for proper growth. Swimming builds endurance and strength, and also helps kids relax.
Little Sparrows includes swimming as a part of our optional offer, and about 50% of parents opt-in the lessons. All swimming lessons are held by professional tutors who keep a watchful eye on what is going on in and around the pool at all times.

Your child deserves more

When our team of pedagogy experts worked to design the program, they wanted to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to build the foundations for future success while they stay at our kindergarten.
This is why our standard programs include mental arithmetics and storytelling classes. Being able to quickly and seamlessly solve various problems is a skill that is only going to gain more importance in the future. On the other side, being able to capture and hold people’s attention and make a lasting impression is going to be a vital skill in a world where technology provides so many distractions.
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Progress reports
We make sure to keep the parents updated about the development their children make. That’s why, besides providing regular reports, we encourage you to reach out and talk directly to our tutors regarding any aspect of your child’s stay at our Belgrade kindergarten.
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Traffic safety
We pay a lot of attention to educating our pupils about safe and proper traffic behavior, and help them understand the importance of always being aware of their immediate surroundings. It is why we invite the representatives of Serbian traffic police to hold occasional workshops.

Prepare your child for future success

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