Give your kid a head start in life. Set up a visit today:
Give your kid a head start in life. Set up a visit today:
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Home a remarkably comprehensive preschool education, exceptional tutors, and an unrivaled set of classes and activities.

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Unlock your child’s full potential

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Little Sparrows kindergarten is renowned for our program based on learning languages and exploring art and sports. Children love it because it’s fun and active. Parents love it because it helps their children achieve proper development and acquire key skills and social habits needed for its future success.
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With our native-speaking language teachers, children quickly master their new languages and become multilingual. Our small groups ensure all kids receive just the right amount of attention to help them gain a near-native knowledge* of some of the languages of the future.

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Our program is filled with unique and engaging activities that enable kids to explore their creative and athletic sides. Led by prominent tutors who are highly-experienced in working with children, our classes help the little sparrows discover their genius, channel their energy and emotions, and strengthen their confidence and empathy.
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After the time spent in our kindergarten, your child will fall inn in love with learning. Thez will become a young person, who is ready for life’s challenges ahead.

When you want more

Unequaled tutors
Your child deserves the best possible care and education. Our team consists of experienced pedagogy specialists, and world-renowned artists and athletes.
Supreme location
We are conveniently located in a beautiful villa in a peaceful part of Vračar. Our secure facilities enable your kid to spend time outside each day, if the weather allows it.
Flexible hours
We hope our parent-friendly hours will make your life easier. We open at 8:00 and close at 17:30. When you need it, we can arrange an extended or overnight stay.
Regular checkups
To help your kid grow up in perfect health, we organize regular dental and medical checkups. We also provide accident insurance for your child, free of extra charge.
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Enrolling your child is simple and requires only two minutes of your time.
Little Sparrows nursery
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Your family’s health is our priority

Other than following the latest COVID-19 recommendations, we are taking resolute measures to keep the children safe and healthy, and to giving  parents peace of mind. All of our staff are required to wear face masks when in contact with visitors, and to be regularly tested. The entire space is regularly and thoroughly disinfected, including the toys. Parents are required to leave their children at the entrance. If the situation worsens and city or state-wide lockdowns are introduced again, we have prepared a fully online program. Designed to ensure your kids continue with their educational program and to keep them occupied while you focus on your work.

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Where your child’s future starts

Let’s chat or meet! We can help you choose the best kindergarten program for your child.
You can also call us at +381 61 614 0475 or +381 11 4062 837 email us at, or check out our social media profiles.  
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