Give your kid a head start in life. Set up a visit today:
Give your kid a head start in life. Set up a visit today:
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Everything your
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We offer exceptionally comprehensive packages providing your child with first-class preschool education.

What parents say about
Little Sparrows

Where education meets fun

Seeing that all children adore going to Little Sparrows kindergarten makes us very proud. Through a series of fun activities, our experienced tutors help them achieve proper development in different fields.
We base our program on learning new languages and acquiring key social skills by exploring the universes of art and sports. We offer packages in English, Russian, and German (and an optional Chinese language class) – all held by native-speaking teachers! Our standard program also consists of a variety of interesting educational classes: ballet, music, acting, karate, mental arithmetics, and traffic education.
At our kindergarten, children get a superior foundation for future growth in various fields. By shaping their minds and spirits at an early age, we help them embrace lifelong habits that will make them confident, empathic, and successful adults.

Why parents choose us and kids loves us

Native speakers as teachers
There is no better way for kids to quickly master a new language than to learn it from a native speaker.
Small groups
Our outstanding 7:1 pupil-teacher ratio ensures each kid gets all the needed attention and dedication.
Unrivaled location
We are located in a beautiful villa in a peaceful part of Vračar, right next to Neimarski park.
Parent-friendly hours
We open at 8:00 and close at 17:30. For the parents who need it, we also offer an extended or overnight stay.
AND, we welcome new applications all year long!
Want to reserve a spot today?
Enrolling your child is simple and requires only two minutes of your time.
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Unique approach – lifelong results
At Little Sparrows, our goal is to help your child unlock their future potential. Learning from expert tutors and being surrounded by like-minded children, they will quickly gain the confidence to explore the world and build healthy relationships.
From learning critical life skills, forming healthy habits, to understanding the importance of education, your child will leave Little Sparrows as a formed young person. They will recognize their own value and be ready to tackle the challenges of growing up in today’s world.
We know that each kid moves forward at their own pace, some by experimenting and learning from their own mistakes, and some by observing first and learning from examples. Our teachers and tutors are experienced and dedicated enough to help each child grow both on an individual level and as an integral part of their group.
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A healthy mind in a healthy body
A healthy and balanced nutrition is a prerequisite to achieving the proper physical and mental development of young children, it is one of our top priorities. We pay extra attention to not only providing children with a deliciously healthy menu – but also to help them understand the importance of substituting snacks and candy with fruits and vegetables.
Our fish, chicken, veal, vegetable, and fruit-based menu is prepared by our chef and approved by an experienced nutritionist. Additionally, half of the food our cook uses is home-grown in a nearby village. You can see our sample menu here:
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Enhanced tooth hygiene
Properly brushing teeth is an extension of the healthy eating habits that we help your child adopt. Our pupils brush their teeth at least two times a day at Little Sparrows. We also provide a dental hygiene set on the first day your kid joins Little Sparrows, and hand out new toothbrushes every 1-2 months.
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Total peace of mind
As our way of showing our gratitude for your trust, each of our standard packages includes accident insurance that covers the time your kid spends at our Belgrade kindergarten or on our field trips, free of extra charge.

Where your child’s future starts

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